Connecting Series

Short films exploring trends in interaction and experience design

Released June 2014: Why do we make? Connecting: Makers examines how the connected world is changing the nature of creativity. When everyone is a maker, new possibilities emerge, but with them come new responsibilities about digital transparency, cultural awareness, and the role of the designer.


Released in 2012. What is Interaction Design? Connecting explores this question with some of the industry's foremost thought leaders. When digital and physical worlds become one, new behaviors become possible, enabling connected humans with a collective capacity to change the world. Featured on Fast Company, Forbes, and The Creators Project.


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Produced by

Microsoft Design

Connecting Albert Shum, Mike Kruzeniski, and Kat Holmes

Connecting: Makers Albert Shum, Thamer Abanami, Kat Holmes, and Molly McCue

Bassett & Partners

Connecting Tom Bassett, Andrew Casden, Cassandra Michel, Scott Fitzloff, and Ambika Jain

Connecting: Makers Tom Bassett, Andrew Casden, Scott Fitzloff, Ambika Jain, Siri Samahito, Gairo Cuevas, and Mike Ronkoske